Frequently Asked Questions

These are an integral part of the first step in the logo design process. From the filled-out creative brief, we will come up with ideas for you to review. During the design review process, you will be asked to give feedback on the designs presented so it can be refined more as per your preference. Something to consider — a package with more variants will automatically have more variety in the initial design presentation.

Keep in mind that the logo design process is highly iterative and collaborative. After we send you the initial designs, we will wait for an update from you as to how you would like to proceed with revising the presented proposals, or you can opt to approve it too if you want no changes made and have picked a winner in the desings presented.The scope of work on revisions vary. Some clients ask to tweak colors, fonts, and layout. Sometimes, combine portions of one concept with portions of another.Whatever the revision, big or small, we will revise it until it’s absolutely perfect for you.

You will get the initial ones within 24-48 hours from when the order was placed. Please keep in mind though that our designers are not robots and we urge them to relax on weekends and holidays. So if you place your order on a Thursday or Friday, you will most likely get your concepts by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

TeamGraphika will not retain ownership of the final approved design. Once the approved design is delivered to you, you already own it.We, however, do not process applications for copyright. If you would like to have your logo copyrighted, please inquire in your area’s respective offices or department that offers the service.

Once you have chosen and approved a logo proposal, we will then have it finalized after which we will send you a download link where you can download a zip file containing all the deliverable formats that you can use for whatever purpose.

You will get your files in the following format:
1. PSD
2. AI
4. GIF
5. PNG
7. PDF
8. EPS
9. BMP
10. SVG

Yes! You can definitely approve as many as you want. We do, however, charge a minimal fee of $15 for every additional one that is approved.

This rarely happens because most of our clients rave about our designs but if this should happen that you are not satisfied with the studies, as long as there have not been any request for revisions and within the 30 day period, we will give you your money back! Guaranteed!

No worries, we keep projects open for 6 months, if we do not hear from you by then, the project will be marked as closed so our designers can move on to different projects. If you wish to reopen the project by then, we charge a small $20 fee to reopen it.

Wе ask уоu tо go through the checkout process immediately after уоu fіll up the creative brief so that our designers can start working on your designs as soon as we receive your order.

Wе оffеr a ѕесurе payment transaction via Paypal. If you dо nоt have a Pаураl account, you саn still checkout using the Paypal payment орtіоn and uѕе your credit саrd to рау fоr уоur оrdеr vіа the Paypal checkout.

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